BINUS Youth Leaders’ Summit 2018

Congratulations to all the Student Council officers and advisers, volunteers, moderators and scribes, all coaches and supervisors who have prepared the BINUS Youth Leaders’ Summit (BYLS) 2018! That was an awesome and fruitful event.  This year’s summit theme is ‘Pivotal Point: The Change in You’. It is the time to make changes and realises the current social and environmental issues, and that change starts within ourselves. Started with prayer, singing performance, and the opening remarks from Ms. Mariza.  The committee of BYLS 2018 divided the students into mixed groups and played games to break the ice.  Then the event continued with presentations from schools from day 1 until day 3.  The adopted project from the best mixed group presentations will be a springboard for the other schools to begin with.

The positive things to boast about BYLS are not only the innovative ideas but also about changing our commitment to serve.  Dara Andhini, the Vice Head of BYLS said that the preparation is not easy. They have many schools to contact and have to adjust to last minute changes. “I learned a lot about how to coordinate with other people, how to manage time, how to come up with solutions when there are last minute changes, and how to hold up to all these.  It really is an eye opener,” said Dara.  Through it all, we have seen our students grow to be more organised, more adaptable to changes, more open to possibilities.   These are our future leaders!

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