Tribute to Grade 12s, Batch 9

This is the beginning of everything you have been planning for in your life.  Cruising through high school and making it this far is a feat in itself. You must be proud of yourself Class of 2018. After a week of holiday and refreshment, our PSG and SC held a special event,  “Tribute to the Grade 12s”.  The tribute began with a prayer, performances and a presentation about success. It tells us to not compare ourselves to other people and that professional success is about finding meaning in what we do.

Almost all of grade 12 parents gathered together with letters and gifts close to their child’s hearts e.g. blanket, stuff toys, books etc.  They came to show support for their child who is soon to face the coming exams, UN and A levels. They all believe that the children will do the best and get the best results. There were touching moments filled with hugs, kisses, and tears of happiness.

To Class of 2018, we hope that all your dreams take you to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your hearts’ desires. Congratulations Batch 9 and keep on striving!


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