World Scholar’s Cup 2018 – Jakarta Round at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong

The recently concluded Jakarta Round of The World Scholars Cup (WSC) was held in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong! More than 700 students from 40 schools gather in our school to join this competition. It’s indeed an honor for us to be the host of this international event. This event enjoins students from around the world to engage in competitions involving Literature, Art and Music, History of Diplomacy, Science, Cryptocurrency and Black Market, and Human Relations.  WSC as a community involves around 70 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Australia, among others.

The World Scholar’s Cup is an international organization engaged in academics. Established in 2006, this global community, known as WSC was founded by Daniel Berdichevsky. This global community has become a platform for students to discuss and exchange ideas on world issues and to provide solutions, thus bringing impact to social life. And this time we take part in this world-class competition by hosting the Jakarta Round 2018.

“As a school, we want to support students to take on opportunities to engage in friendly intellectual platforms with like-minded peers to further develop and enrich their abilities as learners.  BINUS SCHOOL Serpong believes that learning should not be boxed inside the four walls of the classroom but should allow learners to experience and engage a wider community in various areas of interest.  This will hopefully nurture in these young learners a higher quality of self-confidence, deeper commitment, collaborative work ethics and other crucial life skills,” as commented by Ms. Sherrierose Garcia-Gonzales, Middle School and High School Principal of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. We hope that by facilitating WSC, there will be more Indonesian students who will be able to contribute in the global arena.

Congratulations to all the students!

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