Health Movement 2018

Health is wealth that a person can forever treasure. Being healthy and fit in simple terms mean taking good care of the body. Not forgetting having a good mind too. Both a good mind and body help one maintain the energy levels to achieve success in life and happiness.

Being healthy is not only related to the physical well-being of a person, it also involves the mental stability or the internal peace of a person. This is the primary reason why the Student Council and Interact Club organised and invited our own community for the first ever Health Movement.

Everyone seemed so excited and enthusiastic on the dday. Doctors and nurses conducted health screening and gave advice about the overall health condition of our working manual force:  the ISS, security and ME personnel.  Some medicines were also issued for free and others for a very low price.

It was an opportunity for our students, the Interactors and Student Council officers, plus student volunteers to give back to the immediate community who take care of the campus environment.  Keep healthy #BINUSIANS!

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