Dare to Be Different

“You have to be unique, different, and shine in your own way.” -Lady Gaga

Because the things that make you different are the things that make you, just like Hikaru, an EL student that had his own art exhibition last 7-23 December at Gedung Mitra Hadiprana, Kemang, Jakarta. We’re lucky to have a moment with Hikaru and his Mom and got inspiration from their experiences.

He found his love for art at a very young age. Taught by Gideon Sutrisno, Hikaru started to paint at 3,5 years old and created pieces of artwork of his own world. Now Hikaru is only 12 years old and already uses many ways to paint like painting with a brush, splashing, stacking colors, and using his fingers.

“We have been judged wrongly by many people and some of it has been very painful to hear. But as a Mom, I believe that Hikaru is special and I want to fight for him. Instead of drowning in disappointment, we decided to move forward. I quit my career and walked with Hikaru, taking every step we needed to take.” And here they are, approved by Yulianto Liestiono (Art Analyst), Hikaru has his own art exhibition with remarkable paints.

Hikaru is not only good at painting but also cares about the environment and people. Hikaru contributed some of the results from his Solo Exhibition to Kemah Kasih. This is a place where painters teach painting to many children for free as a form of caring.

Because with faith, nothing is impossible. Keep running and believe, Hikaru! We are proud of you 😊

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