Tribute to Grade 12, Class 2019

Our Student Council (SC), in coordination with our Parent Support Group (PSG) prepared a gathering of parents and the school’s most senior students, in a tribute for the Grade 12s.  A touching and loving atmosphere enveloped the Sjuman Hall. The tribute began with a prayer, performances and some speeches. “No matter at what point in your life, there will always be choices. Keep growing up. You can always be happy as long as you’re not hurting yourself and others,” said Ms. Sherrierose Garcia Gonzales, our MS/HS Principal to open the event.

Then the SC and class advisors distributed the grade 12 parents’ letters to the students and the parents started to give the gifts they brought to their child. “This is the best time for us to give and receive appreciation. Thank you for being good students!” echoed Mr. Syamsudin. There were quite a number of touching moments – filled with hugs, kisses, and tears of happiness.

The class of 2019, we are proud of you. This is the beginning of anything you want, the beginning of your dreams, and the beginning of new chapter in your life. And the beginning is the most important part of the great things.  Do the best you can do to reach your dreams and define your own success. Congratulations Class of 2019 and keep on striving!

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