Student Council Leadership Camp 2019

The SC Camp was held on 15th – 16th February (Friday – Saturday). 50 SC Officers and Honorary members gathered at the EL PE Indoor along with our heavy bags filled with supplies needed for the camp. The first thing we did was we were grouped and we had to choose our group names. My group’s name was called “White Santa.” Next, we had to draw a nametag with our favorite animal on it. After a while, we started to cut out the design for our T-shirt. It was cool! We came up with our own personalized shirts with SC on the back!

After dinner, Ms. Anggi discussed about learning how to be good leaders, being grateful and happy for what we already have, being impactful and lastly getting to know each other better. During the session, we played BINGO to be able to get to know each other better. It was a good experience and we had fun doing the activities. As part of the “Being Impactful” talk, Ms. Anggi assigned us to come up with several impactful projects that can be done to improve the school. Before heading to bed, we played lipsync battle and danced a little bit. Around 10:30 p.m., we called it a night, we prepared our sleeping bags, closed the lights and dozed off.

Written by: Clark 6F (Student Council Officer)

The next day, at around 5:50 a.m., we had a quick walk around the school and had our breakfast. We then readied for a scavenger hunt around the school. We had to look for cut up words with clues. At the pool, we had a team building activity. We had to gather water with small plastic cups, pass it to the back and collect as much water as possible. It was a challenging activity and we all got soaked!

Our final activity was to put together the cut-up words we collected during the scavenger hunt to form a sentence which was “To enhance camaraderie among the student council and instill leadership skills.” The camp was fun and helped us gain experience in working together and hopefully we will be able to apply what we learned in our daily lives. Thank you, BINUS and our teachers for preparing for this activity. We surely learned a lot!

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