BYLS 2019 Forces of The Future: Towards a Revolutionised World

The 5th year of the BINUS Youth Leaders’ Summit has been an annual students’ forum. This summit is a place where young leaders get together to engage in intellectual discourse regarding challenges and opportunities relevant to current global and local issues. This is the time young Indonesians show interest in the things that matter in the shaping of their own tomorrow, offering solutions, acting on problems and engaging their community.

With this year’s theme “Forces of the Future:  Towards a Revolutionised World” , we want to highlight the importance of young generations in society and how their actions undeniably play a vital role in shaping their future. The invitation is for all young leaders to partake in critical discussions on ongoing social and environmental issues and to develop sustainable, innovative, and realistic solutions to address these problems.

It is with hope this year’s BYLS will bring to the youth a deeper understanding of current world issues, forge new friendship and a vision to pave the way for a better tomorrow. We are so proud of you Indonesians young Leaders taking this stand!

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