First Flag Rising AY 2020/2021

Today is our first Flag Rising this academic year 2019/2020. We are proud that we are able to practice our love for country and citizenship through this event.

One of the other values we practice is kindness. Currently, our world is full of negativity. We hear and watch so many unpleasant things happening in the news every day. But we can stop negativity in our own little ways through kindness. How can we do this?

  1. With a smile, a look, a nod to greet co-BINUSIANS and teachers, that’s kindness.
  2. Kindness is building good and close relationships. When we connect with others through kindness, we become happier and achieve more.
  3. Kindness has a ripple effect. One good action leads to another and another and another until everyone is caught in the world of kindness.

So, let’s spread kindness through our different acts, BINUSIANs!

Photo by: Mr. Wady Afriadi

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