Internationalism Week: “Greening The Blue”

To celebrate United Nations Day or Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa (PBB), BINUS SCHOOL Serpong held an annual event called Internationalism Week, with the theme, “Greening The Blue.”  This celebration with the underlying theme is a call to action and an invitation to everyone to care about the environment by focusing on reducing carbon emissions of emissions,  to encourage awareness of the global issues and, to appreciate various cultures by uniting and celebrating differences.

Internationalism Week was held with a series of events, such as an exhibition of “Greening The Blue” works, a parade of traditional clothing, folk dances from regions all over the world, food festival of specialties from foreign countries, chorale competition and a quiz bowl

It was a festive week of activities which culminated in a school assembly where teachers, parents, and students dressed up for countries assigned to their level.  It was “one world” in celebration of unity and diversity.

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