Teachers and Staff Appreciation Day 2019

“A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others.” -Mustafa Kemal


Our annual celebration of “Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day” (TSAD) is a day especially dedicated to appreciating everyone’s role in school. We thank all the teachers and staff who keep going the extra mile for our students.

Parents and students prepared the event for the Teachers and staff. ECY and EL students prepared some songs and performances for the assemblies, not to mention, parents and teachers performed too. Overall, it was an enjoyable day full of laughter

This year, the theme for ECY-EL was “Hakuna Matata” which was adopted from the film, The Lion King. Hakuna Matata itself is a term used by the Swahili tribe in East Africa, which means “no worries”. In this TSAD, Hakuna Matata meant that the students should not be worried about the future because they have their teachers who are ready to guide and support them. In the afternoon, the parents treated the teachers and staff to a sit – down lunch with the theme, “Hakuna Matata, No Worries because we have you, Teachers.” This theme connotes that parents have the teachers’ backs and supports them in in educating their children.

For MSHS, the Student Council, class captains, student volunteers and parents collaborated to come up with a memorable celebration of TSAD and capping it with a “Hollywood-themed lunch” right after school assembly.  Some songs and band performances including a PSG dance were featured during the assembly.  Selected and able students took on the role of being a teacher for the day. They have been prepared and coached by their respective teachers.  This is intended to be an appreciation and understanding of the challenges of a teacher in the eyes of students.  The students dressed like teachers and seriously took on handling the class making them realise how difficult it is to be a teacher.  On the other hand, the teachers wore school uniforms, to the delight of the students.

We hope that this TSAD can be an inspiration to Teachers of how their roles in the lives of their students are very important. Hopefully with these kind of events they feel appreciated and become more motivated in educating the leaders of tomorrow, which hopefully will help in advancing the Indonesian nation.

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