Sports Day

“Plan to Win, Prepare to Win, and Expect to Win!”

The much awaited Sports Day 2020 was held on Friday 21st February 2020 in with an atmosphere of great enthusiasm and excitement. This event involved all MSHS teachers, students, with the support of the PSG. The objectives of the Sports Day are: to foster camaraderie and bonding amongst students and teachers through friendly games, to demonstrate the benefits of achieving goals through synergy, to promote wellness of mind and spirit, and to engage in healthy and fun competition.  Teams were divided into Houses namely: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

It opened with a great fanfare by the BINUS Drumline. The programme began with the Principal welcoming the participants and followed by cheers from each house to demonstrate their cohesiveness. This sports day consists of various types of sports competitions such as sack races, basketball, and obstacle courses. The teachers and students joined the matches with great enthusiasm and teamwork.

Clearly, the spirit of sportsmanship, collaboration, teamwork and unity were evident from the preparations and performances of the houses.  Points were awarded and these will be tallied later this semester after other upcoming activities, and overall winners will be announced for this year’s house events.

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