BEE Talk

“Don’t be afraid of being different. Your differences can be your strengths.”

Today, one of our dreams came true. We  just held our very first BEE Talk. The BEE itself stands for BINUSIANs’ Engaging and Empowering Talk. Ms. Elsie, our ECY/EL Principal told us that we should have dreams and our dreams will come true if we do our best to realize them. She hopes that this BEE Talk will help us develop values of confidence, research and communication skills and be a better version of ourself.

Led by our MC, Mr. Philip, the awesome speakers were Derrick Xie (SC President) of 5E, Hana (SC Vice President) of 6B, and Aurelie (BEE Club Member) of 6G. We are so proud to witness them humbly inspire their friends to be kind to anyone anywhere, to dream big and not to be afraid to be different.

“Kindness is not a noun but an action that must be proven to everyone,” said Derrick. People may have different languages but the standard of kindness is almost the same. The differences should make us closer. Let’s make our school a better place 😊

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