How to Correct Children’s Behaviour Positively

It was one productive day spent together learning to become better parents. In the Parenting Talk Show: How to Correct Children’s Behaviour Positively, @mayaseptha7 @fifikaramoy and @gloriasiagian shared about their experiences and know – how in positively setting boundaries with children.

Every child has different characters. If you have more than one child, they will be completely different from one another. “Regularity provides a sense of security in children,” said Ms. Anggi. We have to make rules at home to make them feel secure. To make the rules consistent, it needs hard work from both parents and children.

“It’s easier to be an example for our children. We should model to them what we want them to do so they will follow,” said Maya. It’s better to do it now before it’s too late. We should keep our expectations according to our child’s ability and not below or above that. We can challenge them but at the same time, appreciate what they can do for now. We should give them support and love, build their self-esteem and lastly be consistent.

We really learned a lot. Thank you for participating, see you in the next Parenting Talk!

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