First Online PSG (Parents Support Group) Coffee Morning

Today is the very first online PSG coffee morning. Sadly, we cannot meet each other in person. But we have to be grateful that we can virtually gather for today’s event and that we are all healthy. We don’t know when this pandemic will end, but we believe that if we adhere to existing health protocols, we will get to that day very soon.

Today’s coffee morning started with the opening remarks by our PSG Chairperson, Ms. Nathalia Jap. With this year’s tagline, we are invited to continue to hope. “To go hand in hand together and team up to be there for our child. To be a solid team worker, have commitment, and expect for the best,” said Ms. Nathalia Jap.

Then, followed by Ms. Elsie L. Bait, our ECY/EL Principal’s welcome remarks. She motivated us to be the BEST. B=Be Hopeful, E=Be Enthusiastic, S=Be Safe, and T=Be Thankful.

Ms. Karah Gregorio, our ECY/EL Vice Principal also reminds us to care for ourselves. She reminded that we need to spend quality time, take a rest, exercise, and express ourselves and our feelings.  We need to celebrate ourselves and our efforts, not just our achievements. And lastly, we need to be kinder to each other, as we do not know what the other person is going through.

At this difficult time, let’s continue to pray and take care of our ourselves and our family. Good luck parents, students and all BINUSIAN Families.

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