Using Kinesthetic Methods in Learning Activities for Early Childhood Years Students

#BEEdShare is a free webinar organized by the ECY and EL Teachers of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong with the objective of sharing knowledge and expertise with others. There have been so many teachers attending this event from all over Indonesia. We really feel the  great energy and participation every time.

Teaching is a career with many challenges. Teachers must have knowledge and skills at a sufficient level to help students develop skills and knowledge in different subjects. One of the challenges in teaching Early Childhood Years is addressing the needs of students who learn Kinaesthetically. These students are usually active, get easily bored and need to be on the move most of the time. The ECY Teachers shared different strategies on how to address Kinaesthetic Learners’ needs by using different types of strategies such as, playing games, dancing/doing exercise and using interactive platforms. They key is that teachers need to be resourceful in ensuring that the different needs of students according to their different learning styles (Kinaesthetic, Visual, Auditory) are somewhat addressed. Each student is different, thus, we must try and find ways and means to cater to these different needs as best as we can.

Learning together with other teachers makes having these sessions worthwhile. It is heart-warming that in our own special way, we are able to help our fellow educators around Indonesia.

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