Welcome Back to School, Middle and High School Students!

Welcome back to school, Middle and High School students….. Today is the day!

The hallways, drop off areas and classrooms are buzzling with chatters and laughter as the students enter campus for the first time after almost three years. The Community Assembly in the Sjuman Hall came alive with the prayers of gratitude, a solemn flag raising, and the proud singing of the BINUS song. Ms Sherrierose Garcia Gonzales, the MSHS Principal gave a heart-warming welcome, showed the achievements of the cubs, and introduced the school management team, the different departments and the Parent Support Group (PSG). The Orchestra and Choir Clubs gave a rendition of “Tomorrow,” from the musicale, Annie. A message of hope from the lyrics, “the sun will come out tomorrow” was very apt for the occasion. Upcoming events like Beevolution and Y15 were also announced.

The second half of the morning was the Student Council Campaign and Elections. For the first time in 14 years, the student body chose their president on the very first day of school.

Here’s wishing everyone the best for the entire school year!


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