Adopt a School – SMP Falatehan

BINUS SCHOOL Serpong celebrates the National Heroes Day by visiting and cooperating with SMP Falatehan in Adopt-a-School programme.  “Adopt-a-school” was created in 2015 through a collaboration between BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Student Council and the MSHS library resource centre. The programme aims to assist less fortunate schools within BINUS SCHOOL Serpong neighborhood. SMP Al-Hasaniyah is the first recipient of the programme followed by SMP Falatehan.

Similar to the collaboration with SMP Al-Hasaniyah, the School donated supporting materials for learning and teaching activities. The Student Council of BINUS Serpong, together with volunteer Interact Club members, class captains and students, plus SMP Falatehan’s Student Council have worked hand-in-hand these past weeks to clean and beautify the library.  It is with hope that the newly refurbished library will be instrumental in motivating the students to study harder.

“I m very proud with the unique collaboration by BINUS SCHOOL Serpong and SMP Falatehan Student Council. Through Adopt-a-School programme, students learn to better appreciate what they have and most importantly to share and give back to the community. BINA NUSANTARA will continue to support such a program, “commented Mr. Francis Budiraharja Santoso, one of BINA NUSANTARA Managing Directors.

Through this programme, our students are committed to continue sharing their gifts of time and talents to less fortunate schools nearby. Inspired by the fighting spirit of our heroes, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong students are proud to take a part in the progress of the nation. With direct support from Yayasan Bina Nusantara, it is expected that the commitment and contribution of materials, ideas, manpower and time made by BINUS SCHOOL Serpong students may have a positive impact on the progress of educating Indonesians.


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