Unlocking Potential: A Closer Look at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong’s Complete Facilities for Younger BINUSIANS

Education for Early Childhood Years (ECY) and Elementary (EL) are designed to nurture fine and gross motor skills. Thus, choosing a school with complete facilities is a must, it is crucial for parents to select a school that provides facilities for this purpose. Parents should also consider it to ensure that their children have opportunities to #DiscoverNewHorizons.

Ms. Rima Dauhan, a parent of two elementary students at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, expressed that one of the factors influencing her decision to choose the school was its extensive range of facilities that support her children’s activities.

Ms. Rima Dauhan with her two children

“Overall, the facilities are complete, from a jogging track to a football field. The swimming pool is also very appealing to me because my children love to swim,” said Ms. Rima.

From Jogging Track to Swimming Pool, from Discovery Rooms to expansive playgrounds, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong is committed to ensuring that every child can grow and thrive in all aspects of their motoric abilities.

Swimming Pool at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong

“In BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, we also have the Discovery Rooms for ECY, where children are invited to explore and develop their gross and fine motor skills.” That’s what Ms. Junita Margaretha, Affective Studies Coordinator, told about the facility in the area.

Discovery Room at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong

The first room on the first floor focuses on refining fine motor skills through activities with sand and water. Children can touch, observe, and shape sand, as well as explore a water-filled pool. In the Dramatic Play Room, they can enhance communication and socialization skills by engaging in imaginative play with various themed areas and costumes. The final room, the Life Skills Area, introduces practical skills like washing dishes, clothes, and cleaning windows and furniture using provided tools.

“Through these activities, they refine their fine motor skills and understand responsibility, independence, and organization,” Ms. Junita further explained.

ICT Room at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong

Furthermore, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong offers outdoor and indoor playgrounds, which serve as spaces where children can participate in activities that encourage the enhancement of their gross motor skills. In addition, there is an ICT Room, offering a space for them to engage with and learn about technology. These facilities reflect the dedication of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong to fostering the comprehensive growth and development of children, as well as a place to #DiscoverNewHorizons for students because, for BINUSIAN: What Others See, We See More!

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