Ms. Sandrina Amanda

Ms. Leony (Vice Principal of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong) once said, “And most importantly they’re also given a lot of chances to communicate their feelings, their ideas, their their thoughts confidently”, and I’ve seen how BINUS consistently hold this value. During the sequence of selection process (bot for new students or transferred students) there’s also question, “does your child have any difficulties to communicate their feeling?”. Mereka sudah maju beberapa langkah untuk menyadari bahwa perasaan, mental, berkontribusi besar bagi masa depan anak dan masa depan bangsa. BINUS memiliki sistem pelajaran yang disiplin dan ketat. Tapi proses pembelajarannya menyenangkan. Terbukti dari berbagai acara non-academic yang beberapa kali diselenggarakan oleh BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. Apa yang Saya rasakan semenjak di BINUS: Pertama, in order to grow the seed, we have to water it regularly to be able to see its beauty. I really feel that BINUS SCHOOL Serpong really instills self-recognition in children so that children know themselves and grow beautifully in their own way. Kedua, Saya jarang sekali melihat BINUS adakan lomba internal yang heboh sampai gimana gitu, yang setiap murid dapat piala. Karena mereka tidak menanamkan muridnya untuk compete with each other. Lomba-lomba lebih ke external, students represent BINUS, baik yang sifatnya individual ataupun teams. And last but not least, BINUS does not only nurture the child, but also his parents, the whole family. They quite often and regularly hold seminars for parents. In the seminar, parents can really tell about their ups and downs, obstacles and can add insight as well. So from the side of the parents also feel embraced. Ms. Sandrina Amanda Parent of Letisha Salmala Nurmansyah (ECY 2)
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Raden Roro Hanania Kamila

My leadership skills have been polished through my early participation as Nominated Student Representative (NSR) of the 13th Batch Student Council, of which I was one of 2 selected amongst the applicants. I really like being here in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong because I get to experience and explore outside of my studies. My time management, social and, organisational skills, have been honed. Apart from these, I gained confidence in presenting myself and interacting with peers. Now in my second year in middle school, I am active in the Buddy Club as their MS Coordinator, in the 14th Batch Student Council, and in class as their secretary. To the new students I would like to encourage you not to be afraid to try. Everything starts with a single step and this has started it all for me. Raden Roro Hanania Kamila Grade 8E BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Middle School Coordinator of The Buddy Club
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Sabrina Aulia Susanto

I am a Middle School student of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. I joined BINUS in Elementary 1 as a shy and unconfident girl, I couldn't even speak English. BINUS helped me to be a confident girl and my academic skill flourished until finally I achieved various achievements. https://youtu.be/nqrYxLhvdic Sabrina Aulia Susanto Grade 7 BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Middle School Student
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Muhammad Airel Pratama

I am 3rd year medical student of Universitas Gadjah Mada. I was first enrolled in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong in Elementary grade 1, until I graduated from High School back in 2019. I describe BINUS SCHOOL Serpong as a life changing, because the school taught me a lot, in terms of academics and organizational skill. I made a lot of friends and connection, whom I still talk to until today. I still consider BINUS SCHOOL Serpong as my home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1gyqZTwXgI Muhammad Airel Pratama Class of 2019 - BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Alumni
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Dr. Helda Puspitasari, SpM

We have 5 children and currently 4 of them are studying in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. We are also planning to put our last child here in the School. When our first child enrolled here, we noticed how her communication skills, confidence level and academic progress improved greatly. She achieved so many things at School and did better than what we could have ever imagined. After seeing her progress, we made up my mind to entrust our children in BINUS. https://youtu.be/uE2CZ6ge_Ps Dr. Helda Puspitasari, SpM BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Parent
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Ken Nara Gazza

During my time in high school I was really active in participating in clubs and events which landed me many achievements. Finally, after graduating BINUS high I will continue my studies in Asia Pacific University Malaysia taking Information Technology as my major. Ken Nara Gazza Batch 12 BINUS SCHOOL Serpong  
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Aubrey Emelia Pratama

Having attended BINUS for the past 8 years, I have learnt many things not only in regards of my academics, but also life skills. I was a part of the 12th batch student council, which was a significant part of my journey in this school and taught me the mentality of leadership and critical thinking that I believe will be beneficial for my future endeavors. I am now enrolled in the University of Toronto as an Art and History major as a University of Toronto International Scholar.   Aubrey Emelia Pratama Batch 12 of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong  
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Derrick Xie

BINUS has given me a plethora of knowledge and priceless experiences. I’m very glad that our school has a Student Council in Elementary, as not every school has it. I was given the chance to join the Leadership Camp that helped me grow as a leader and we, the officers and honorary members, really bonded as a team. I am very thankful for the opportunity to share my experiences as a global citizen at the BeeTalk and most importantly, I was able to encourage my friends to become agents of change, doing small, but consistent positive changes. As Student Council Officers, we’re involved in open houses and also speaking in public. It gave me the courage and confidence to evolve as a leader. Moreover, I learnt that I need to view things from everyone’s perspectives. This helped me improve my communication and critical thinking skills. I love the intelligent conversations and problem solving meetings among my friends & teachers. In BINUS, we have some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and make you want to work hard and achieve. They are always ready with innovative ideas in creating many activities for their students. I believe  that BINUS stands out from other schools because of its innovative and original ways in teaching as well as its character development activities for the students. Derrick Xie Student Council President AY 2019/2020 & 2020/2021
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Nathalia Jap

I have 3 children and all of them have been in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong since their Elementary 1. My two oldest kids have graduated from BINUS Elementary a few years ago, and my youngest is currently in EL 6. From the beginning, we like BINUS because it has great & complete facilities to support the learning activities and  programmes for our children. BINUS teachers teach our children to be disciplined, to respect other people of other religions & to socialize well. They are happy and they feel comfortable at school. BINUS takes great pride in our children’s progress and consistently motivates them to do their best in everything they do. They learn to be more attentive, respectful, and take more initiative towards their friends and teachers. We thank BINUS for giving both academic & non-academic quality education, and for shaping our children to become persons with positive and strong characters. We believe that BINUS SCHOOL Serpong will be able to develop our children to be vibrant, innovative and visionary leaders of the future.   Ibu Nathalia Jap Chairperson of the Parent Support Group AY 2020/2021
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