Mrs. Yulastin

My 2 boys have been studying here in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong for almost 6 years now. Kenji is now in grade 6 and Hiroshi is in grade 3.Since the beginning we believed that BINUS has a very strong system of education which will help my children in learning. And it is true. My boys learn about discipline and how to socialize with others in school. For both of them, school is their second home. They are so happy and they feel secured in school.We appreciate all supporting activities provided by the school. Our children learn through these various ways. Moreover, they practice how to care and respect others. We really thank BINUS for the learning experiences provided to our children and the progress in their character as well.Once again I thank BINUS for it has become our preferred choice for our children’s education .
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Alroy Syadavirya Soeparto

Binus School Serpong delivers a high standard of education which prepares me for my early year in college/university. Their teachers are passionate to teach and more than welcome to help me with my subject and any questions. I was active as Kart race driver during my Middle-School and High-School years. I have to say lots of thanks to Binus to always support me on my racing career in National and Asian Championship. With that, I was able to get a quality education and racing career at the same time Alroy Syadavirya Soeparto Finance Loyola Marymount University
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Pascal Setiadi

Binus School Serpong helped me to change to become a better individual with higher integrity. With the help of the teachers and other staff, I am now more confident in dealing with real life situations, even outside of academics. Pascal Setiadi Business Administration (Conc. Finance) Simon Fraser University
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Maria Justina Hambali

Student organizations such as the Student Council and Beevolution gave a glimpse of how to work with a team, be organized, and explore our interests. The rigour and quality of the academic curriculum in BINUS has taught me how to think critically, a skill essential in university. Maria Justina Hambali  Business Economics University of California, Los Angeles
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Ivan Rangga

Having a chance to be a part of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong community had prepared me academically and affectively. It challenged me through the lessons and experiences that allowed me to adapt easily with university life. Different point of views introduced during the interaction with friends, teachers and staff shaped my decision making ability to always keep being open-minded. Ivan Rangga Pratama Chemistry Department (Organic Synthesis Concentration) Universitas Gadjah Mada
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