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Ms. Sandrina Amanda

Ms. Leony (Vice Principal of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong) once said, “And most importantly they’re also given a lot of chances to communicate their feelings, their ideas, their their thoughts confidently”, and I’ve seen how BINUS consistently hold this value. During the sequence of selection process (bot for new students or transferred students) there’s also question, “does your child have any difficulties to communicate their feeling?”. Mereka sudah maju beberapa langkah untuk menyadari bahwa perasaan, mental, berkontribusi besar bagi masa depan anak dan masa depan bangsa. BINUS memiliki sistem pelajaran yang disiplin dan ketat. Tapi proses pembelajarannya menyenangkan. Terbukti dari berbagai acara non-academic yang beberapa kali diselenggarakan oleh BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. Apa yang Saya rasakan semenjak di BINUS: Pertama, in order to grow the seed, we have to water it regularly to be able to see its beauty. I really feel that BINUS SCHOOL Serpong really instills self-recognition in children so that children know themselves and grow beautifully in their own way. Kedua, Saya jarang sekali melihat BINUS adakan lomba internal yang heboh sampai gimana gitu, yang setiap murid dapat piala. Karena mereka tidak menanamkan muridnya untuk compete with each other. Lomba-lomba lebih ke external, students represent BINUS, baik yang sifatnya individual ataupun teams. And last but not least, BINUS does not only nurture the child, but also his parents, the whole family. They quite often and regularly hold seminars for parents. In the seminar, parents can really tell about their ups and downs, obstacles and can add insight as well. So from the side of the parents also feel embraced. Ms. Sandrina Amanda Parent of Letisha Salmala Nurmansyah (ECY 2)

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Celebrating Excellence: The 15th Commencement Exercises at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong

27 April 2024
On 27 April 2024, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong was alive with happiness as it held its 15th Commencement Exercises  for the Class of 2024. Everyone was excited as students, families, teachers, and special guests came together to mark this important day. The event started with students receiving their graduation certificates. You could see the happiness on their faces as they held their certificates proudly, showing off all their hard work. During the ceremony, there were speeches from guests, teachers, and students. They shared words of wisdom and encouragement, reminding everyone of the potential each graduate has to make a difference in the world. One special moment was when awards were given out. Catherine Antonius was one of the students honored with an award for being the best in academics. Her success shows how much effort students put into their studies at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. Also, it's worth noting that by April 26th, more than half of the graduating students had been accepted into universities abroad. This shows how much support the school gives to students' dreams. They want to help students succeed and become leaders who can help others. Overall, the 15th graduation at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong was a happy occasion. It was a chance to celebrate students' achievements and look forward to their bright futures. As they move on to new adventures, they take with them the values they've learned at school – to be honest, to never give up, and to always do their best. Congratulations to the Class of 2024!
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Big Applause for Stella!

Our Maestro of Melodies: Kayla Naomi Riiven!

Azzahra is Skating Her Way to Victory

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